Vintage Inflatable STARSHIP ENTERPRISE from 4th Star Trek movie "The Voyage Home" collectible


This highly collectible bit of Star Trek memorabilia (1987) will turn heads and get cheers from trekkies when you hang it up at your campsite, festival or market booth, front porch or party. Comes with a patch kit in case you play too rough or get attacked by Klingons. The main round portion of the ship is about 1 foot in diameter when inflated. Comes with string and plastic hanging piece for display. There aren't many of these left so grab one while you still can!

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Fast delivery cool item good service

This shipped super quickly and arrived in perfect condition, with everything described in the listing. It even came with care instructions! I have been like a child with a new toy since it arrived! Thanks for the great shopping experience, and for helping to ensure my Trek shrine is just that much cooler. It won't let me add a photo for some reason but the picture my wife took of me holding this ship like a stuffed animal is pretty great.

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